Supporting Your Business Post-Lockdown


Kick-start your business with finely crafted video content.

Supporting Your Business Post-Lockdown

For many business owners and marketeers there has never been a more challenging time. Easing out of lockdown and trying to navigate safe working practices for your teams, you may be keen to kick-start the business but facing a challenging or stagnant marketplace. There has also never been a more important time to communicate how your brand is reshaping to meet these challenges.


Video is still the most essential tool for getting your brand message seen.


Whether you’re marketing your product or service via social media or communicating with your internal teams; at Sound & Colour we have a number of safe methods for producing engaging content that will get your brand back on track.


Socially-Distanced Filming

Keeping to strict social distancing rules and wearing appropriate PPE, we can ensure filming can still take place in a safe way. We’ve worked on a number of video projects for clients in this manor; from piece-to-camera comms videos to shoots for the NHS, using our Covid19 Safe Working Practices as a basis for how we operate.

Just because we’re not up-close to our subjects doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice quality or story; we can still shoot beautiful cinematic images, capture rich engaging audio and connect  with your brand story.


Live Streaming

With many events being cancelled and an increase in social media usage, more brands are turning to live streaming to keep the message alive and engage their audience. From virtual events to live streamed music sets; we can offer professional streaming packages to keep you connected. With multi-camera setups and live switching, on-screen graphics and secure connectivity - We can bring the TV studio to the space of your choosing.

We recently worked on YouTube’s #StreamWithUS event providing kit and crew. A nationwide production by Endemol Shine, where YouTube’s top content creators took on challenges to raise money for the NHS.




From info-graphics and explainers to 2D character animation and stop-motion. Want to get your message out there without filming anything? Animation is a great way to engage audiences! We can script, storyboard, record the voiceover and deliver a polished animation for your brand or business. This could be as simple as an animated logo or asset, a short social-media sting or an explainer video to showcase your company’s new safe-working practices or services.


Product Videos

From our studio space we can light and shoot your products to the high-end specification you require, offering live remote viewing so you can be engaged with the process throughout.


Self-Shot Videos & Remote Filming

There has never been a more popular time for self-shot content; for many brands this has been an essential form of engagement, with user generated content shot on mobile phones and interviews filmed over Skype or Zoom. This gives customers and colleagues an opportunity to be part of the brand story and creatively engaged in the content you produce, to have their voice heard, their questions answered and their unique perspective seen.

We can give expert advice on what to shoot and how to capture it in the best way, storyboarding the project as we would usually to get the message on point. If required we can provide easy-to-use equipment in a safe and contact free way, such as webcams, lights and microphones for high-quality interviews recorded through Zoom. We then take all that content from multiple sources and cut it together with emotive music and on-screen graphics to bring it to life.


Video Editing Services

You may already have some content shot from a previous project that you want to re-imagine in a new way. It could be a selection of content you want shaping into a showreel or promotional film. You may have an idea that can be realised through using the endless array of stock footage available online, which if you haven’t looked, is of a very high-standard and mostly shot in 4K UHD. We can provide high-quality, fast turn-around video editing services, motion graphics and voice-over for any project.


Safe Working Practices

We’ve adopted some Safe Working Practices to ensure that our crews, clients and contributors remain safe during filming.

  • Nobody that is suffering from any of the symptoms of Covid19 is allowed to participate in our shoots. These symptoms include a high temperature and new continuous cough.
  • Only the minimum number of people required will be allowed to participate in the shoot. Where possible remote viewing facilities will be setup for agency/client review and feedback.
  • Strict social distancing measures will be in place, a minimum of 2m distance between people must be observed at all times.
    Individuals must wash their hands regularly for 20 seconds or use hand-sanitiser.
  • S&C crew will be wearing facemarks to protect themselves and others, we recommend that all participants in the shoot, other than on-screen contributors to do the same.
  • Appropriate equipment choices will be made for these restrictions, for example the use of long lenses and boom microphones over tie-clip mics. Filming equipment will be cleaned before/after use.
  • Food and drink must be provided by individuals and consumed in an appropriate space away from set/location.


Imagination is the only limiting factor.


Whilst the safety of all those involved in filming is of the utmost importance, there is no reason why fantastic, creative video content needs to be limited by Covid19 restrictions. We will strive to innovate for our clients so we can continue to support them and bring new creative ideas to life.

If you would like to have a chat about any of the services we provide, our new operating procedures and how we can benefit your next project, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stay safe, stay creative.